How to proceed for insurance claim


  • In the event of the death of the insured animal the owner must proceed systematically for making a claim. The following line of action is suggested:
    • The owner must intimate in writing to the concerned insurance company at once and get a receipt for this intimation.
    • In case purchase of the animal has been financed by a bank he must inform the bank concerned and get a receipt for the same.
    • If the insured animal dies on a Sunday/Holiday, the message must be sent telegraphically/personally to the Branch Manager. The receipt of the telegram must be preserved as proof.
    • The owner, after intimating the insurance company/bank, should wait for on the spot verification to be conducted by the representative of the insurance company and arrange for post-mortem.
    • The carcass should be removed for post -mortem either by a Khadi Gramodyog /locally available chamar with the instruction that post ¬≠mortem will be conducted by a veterinarian and to collect a piece of the ear having ear tag, which will be submitted to the insurance company.
  • Sometimes insured animal dies at such a place where it is not possible to get the post-mortem conducted by a qualified veterinarian. In such circumstances some insurance companies accept a joint certificate issued by any two of the following:
    • Village sarpanch.
    • Manager of Milk Collection Centre.
    • Officer of Cooperative Central Bank/ Supervisor of DRDA or its Inspector.
  • Requirement of post-mortem has been waived in cases of animals financed under government schemes and in such cases if the post-mortem examination has not been conducted, then a death certificate signed jointly by any of the following two persons will be sufficient:
    • Attending veterinary doctor.
    • Sarpanch/Pradhan.
    • Official/Chairman of Milk Cooperative Society.
    • Official of DRDA.
    • Manager of a bank other than the financing bank or other village cooperative.
  • However, post-mortem examination is a must for animals other than the above.
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