Composition and Uses

Composition and uses

    Pineapple has been described as an excellent source of vitamin c and also good source of vit -A and B, Sugar 13 per cent, Acidity-0.6-1.0 per cent mineral matter-0.05 per cent, Fiber, 0.3 per cent, Ca, Fe, P. The fruit contains a protein digestive enzyme Bromelin.
    • Fruits are relished as dessert in the form of slices either fresh or canned, preparation of juice, squash and jam and mixed jam. Candy is prepared from fruit core.
    • Fruits are used in preparation of alcohol, vinegar, calcium citrate, citric acid, gum and pineapple flavors.
    • The leaves yield silky fiber which is used for making a fine fabric known as Pina cloth in Philippines and Taiwan.
    • The pineapple plants and the fruit residues after extraction of juice are used as cattle feed.

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