Principles of Dairy Machine Design 3 (2+1)
Course Outlines

Module 1: Statics and dynamics

Lesson 1. Basic concepts in Statics and Dynamics, Force Systems, Equilibrium condition
Lesson 2. Friction, Law of friction
Lesson 3. Solving numericals
Lesson 4. Second moment of inertia, Parallel axis theorem
Lesson 5. Solving numerical

Module 2: Dynamics

Lesson 6. Dynamics
Lesson 7. Work and mechanics of materials
Lesson 8. Solving numerical

Module 3: Stress

Lesson 9. Stress Analysis
Lesson 10. Hooke’s Law
Lesson 11. Poisson’s Ratio
Lesson 12. Solving numerical
Lesson 13. Torsion
Lesson 14. Power transmission
Lesson 15. Solved Examples

Module 4: Beams and bending moments

Lesson 16, 17. Shear force and bending moment
Lesson 18. Pure Bending
Lesson 19. Solved Examples Based On Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
Lesson 20. Flexural stress
Lesson 21. Solving numerical

Module 5: Properties of materials, failures and factor of safety

Lesson 22. Machine Design : Procedures, Specification, strength, design factor, factor of safety selection of factor of safety
Lesson 23. Materials and properties. Static strength, ductility, hardness, fatigue, designing for fatigue conditions.
Lesson 24. Theories of failure, Stresses in elementary machine parts
Lesson 25. Solving numerical

Module 6: Power transmission

Lesson 26, 27. Design of a drive system. Design of length and thickness of belt
Lesson 28. Solving numerical
Lesson 29. Bearing: Journal and Anti-friction bearings. Selection of ball, tapered roller and thrust bearing.

Module 7: Springs

Lesson 30. Springs, helical and leaf springs. Energy stored in springs
Lesson 31. Design and selection of Springs
Lesson 32. Solving numerical
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