Criteria for Food Selection

Lesson 05 : Food Selection& Purchase

Criteria for Food Selection

Selection of food depends on:

  • Type of establishment
  • Budget
  • Store room facilities available
  • Type of service
  • Management policies
  • Quality
  • Selection should be according to the intended use of the food stuffs and purchased from the place where the turnover is high.
  • Products with certification marks should be selected. These are
      • AGMARK for spices, oils and fats
      • FPO for fruits and vegetables and their products
      • ISI for food colours and essence
  • Forms in which food is sold
    Foods are sold in many forms. The form you buy is determined by the storage facilities you have, how much convenience you need and what you want to use the food for. Foods are sold fresh, dried,k frozen or canned.
    • Fresh foods Fresh foods provide most nutrients since processing may destroy the nutrients. Fresh foods are natural and do not require fortification or processing. They therefore cost less. How ever, because they are fresh they spoil fast.

    • Frozen foods Frozen foods are much nearer to fresh foods as far as nutrient content is concerned. Freezing prevents the action of enzymes and microorganisms. Microorganisms are minute organisms which we can not see but which can be very harmful to us and can spoil our food. Frozen foods must be stored in the freezer in useable quantities. Remember that when you thaw a frozen food completely it must be used immediately to avoid spoilage. Thawed foods should not be refrozen.

    • Dried foods
      Dried foods have their moisture removed. Some dried foods like milk powder, can be reconstituted by adding water. Dried foods do not require refrigeration. They are light in weight and take up les storage space.
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    • Canned foods Canned foods are convenient to use. They will not spoil as long as the can is not punched. Canned foods should be stored in cool dry places. They do not have the taste of freshly cooked foods. They are much more expensive than foods in other forms. They have long shelf life that is they last longer. Unless canned foods are fortified with nutrients they loose most of their nutrient content.
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