Lesson 6 : Pasta Products


The two types are

  1. Plain macaroni
  2. Egg macaroni

Extruded solid macaroni products:

Vermicelli: it is the macaroni product of smallest diameter ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. it has a length of 250 mm and average length of scattered vermicelli is 15- 40 mm. this is easy to manufacture and to dry short scattered vermicelli and packaging is quite easy. Special packing machines are required for long scattered vermicelli.

Spaghetti: This is the most popular product of diameter 1.5-2.5 mm and length of 200 to 250 mm. Moot Spaghetti are straight but occasionally it is twisted. It is sometimes cut to about 25- 50 mm length and looks like very thick short vermicelli.

Vermicelli extruders

Designed specially with main bearing, screws and barrel and die plate having production capacity of 80-100 kg/hour with main motor 15 HP and auto feeding systems.

Extruded hollow goods:

Macaroni: It looks like a tube with a hole in the center. The outer diameter may go down to little more than 3mm. about 4-5 mm is the popular length size. But larger diameters up to 10mm are manufactured. The length of macaroni varies from 120 to 500 mm. The macaroni is cut 40-70 mm, the cut can be straight or slanted.

Rolled and cut macaroni products

Noodles are cut by special cutting machines. In rolled noodles the dough is light and porous where as in extended noodles it is compact and glossy. The rolled noodles have short edges. They are made in varying width and sold as twisted, straight or scattered noodles.

Rolled and stamped macaroni products

These are stamped from sheets of rolled dough. They are produced in different shapes and sizes. It is uneconomical and 30 per cent dough remains after stamping.

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