Food Preservation Storage

Lesson 01: Introduction to Food Preservation and Storage


Food is the basic necessity of life and is invaluable for healthy existence of human beings. Most of our food consists of agricultural and livestock products, which are usually seasonal and spoil quickly. Foods gradually undergo deterioration or spoilage from the time they are harvested, caught, slaughtered or manufactured unless it is preserved. Deterioration of food in some cases is accompanied by production of toxic substances while in other cases it results in losses of nutritional value.

With the rapid increase in the population of the country, an enormous problem of maintaining sufficient safe and nutritious food supplies always exists. There is need of more quantity of food and at the same time good quality food is required i.e. food should be safe, wholesome, nutritive and balanced. Therefore, it is essential to possess knowledge of processing and preservation methods that produce/ preserve best possible foods over a long period of time with minimum loss of nutritive value.

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