Need for Food Preservation

Food Preservation Storage

Lesson 01: Introduction to Food Preservation and Storage

Need for Food Preservation

Eat what you can and
CAN what you can’t.

When food is available more than its present use/ consumption, it should be preserved for future utilization. Thus, preservation activities ensure proper utilization of food. Preservation of fresh produce is needed for following reasons:

  • For increasing availability of certain foods which have a short growing season such as fruits and vegetables, for use throughout the year.
  • For utilization of surplus crops and prevent wastage.
  • For saving money by preserving foods when they are most plentiful, cheaper and are of good quality.
  • For producing food which is easier to store, distribute and transport and that can be made available in all places at all times.
  • For meeting the needs of the people for food in secluded and difficult areas.
  • For ensuring supply of protective foods in homes, hotels and other such places.
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