Lesson 3 : Methods of Food Preparation


This is a gentle method of cooking in a pan with a tight-fitting lid, using small quantities of liquid to cover only half the food. The food above the liquid is cooked by the steam generated within the pan. The liquid is brought to a boiling point and then the heat applied is reduced to maintain the cooking at simmering temperature i.e., 980C. Stewing is also method of cooking taking from 2 to 4 hours depending upon the nature and volume of the foods being stewed. This method is generally used for cooking cheaper cuts of meats along with some root vegetables and legumes all put in the same cooking pot and cooked in stock or water. The larger cooking time and lower temperature enable tougher meat fibres to become soft. The cooking of meat and vegetables together make the dish attractive and nutritious since no liquid is discarded.

Apples can also cooked by this method.


  • Loss of nutrients by leaching does not take place.
  • Flavour is retained e.g., in making oondhya the vegetables are stewed by which flavour is retained.


  • This process is time consuming.
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