Fat as medium of cooking

Lesson 4 : Methods of Food Preparation

Fat as medium of cooking


The method involves cooking in just enough of oil to cover the base of the pan (greasing the pan). The food is tossed occasionally or turned over with a spatula to enable all the pieces to come in contact with the oil and get cooked evenly. Sometimes the pan is covered with lid, reducing the flame and allowing the food to be cooked tender in its own steam. The product obtained in cooking by this method is slightly moist, tender but without any liquid or gravy. Foods cooked by sautéing are generally vegetables used as side dishes in a menu. The heat is transferred to the food mainly by conduction.

Sauteing is a form of dry-heat cooking that uses a very hot pan and a small amount of fat to cook the food very quickly. Like other dry-heat cooking methods, sautéing browns the food's surface as it cooks and develops complex flavors and aromas.

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