Combination of cooking methods

Lesson 5 : Methods of Food Preparation

Combination of cooking methods


Braising is a combined method of roasting and stewing in a pan with a tight fitting lid. The meat should be sealed by browning on all sides and then placed on lightly fried bed of root vegetables. Stock or gravy is added which should cover 2/3rd of the meat. Flavourings and seasoning are added and allowed to cook gently.

Photographs of Braising and foods prepared by braising

Many food preparations are made not by single method but by a combination of cooking methods.

Vermicelli payasam : Roasting and simmering.
Vegetable curry : Sauteing and simmering.
Upma : Roasting and boiling.
Meat cutlet : Boiling and deep frying.
Vegetable pulav : Frying and simmering.
Mutter paneer : Frying and stewing.
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