Food Standard and Quality Control

Lesson 06 : Factors affecting food quality


Foods need to be transported from the point of production to consumption. The nature of the product need to be kept in view and necessary arrangements must be made while transporting such foods to maintain the quality.

It is necessary to keep frozen foods at temperatures that prevent thawing before the product reaches the consumer. Temperature controls are obvious to the consumer in a retail store, but equally important are the controls in place during transport, including various types of passive insulation and active refrigeration units in trucks, rail cars and containers used for marine and land transport.

Chocolate, for obvious reasons, should not be transported in non-insulated trucks on hot summer days; nor should mineral water travel in non-insulated rail cars in sub-freezing winter temperatures. It is imperative that food heated in advance be kept hot between locations, for example between a central institutional kitchen and the point of eventual consumption on an aeroplane or train. All transport and storage containers along the route must be well insulated.

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