Food storage

Food Standard and Quality Control

Lesson 06 : Factors affecting food quality

Food storage

After the products are prepared by various methods they are stored for a different period till they are consumed. During the storage it is very important to see that these products do not pick up any moisture from the environment in case of dried products such as potato chips and do not loose moisture in case of moist foods such as cakes. To achieve this appropriate packaging is essential.

Packaging plays an important role in ensuring that food reaches the consumer in peak condition. It increases the shelf life of products by acting as a barrier against water vapour, air and microbes while preserving the freshness of products. Packaging also conveys important information such as cooking information nutrition and ingredient or use-by dates which help the consumer store and prepare products safely.

Storage conditions:
The atmosphere where the foods stored should be free from contamination, appropriate temperature and humidity that is required for a food that is intended to store is important.

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