Designing Information Material 4(1+3)

Lesson 2: Principles of Design


In the previous class you have understood the process of communication, with reference to the designing information material, meaning of information design and the need for well designed messages. In this class you will understand to compose or structure your information by learning the principle of design

Composing an information material is about the way an information designer combines the elements of work like pictures and text to give clarity and order to the information. It is about the way our eyes are guided about the information material in this case posters, charts, slides and other visual and written material. It is involved with unity, how the elements of the design go together to form oneness which not only satisfies the eye but also conveys the right message.

During the course you will have to learn how to design information material with the specific objective of transferring technology. As an extension specialist you need to develop information material like charts and posters handouts like news letter, folder bulletin and booklet, presentation slides etc. While you develop these information the basic principles of design need to be kept in mind.

Composing is about visual organization. To compose design and prepare information material one should understand the principles of design. Although different artists suggest different principles, we will restrict ourselves to the following principles.

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