Areas of enterprise development for farm families

Lesson 3 : Need of Entrepreneurship Development for Farm Families

Areas of enterprise development for farm families

Depending on number of factors ranging from landholdings, subsidiary occupations, agro climatic conditions and socio-personal characteristics of the farm families, the types of enterprises also differ from place to place. The micro enterprises are classified under three major heads:

  1. Enterprise development related to agriculture and allied activities like cultivating organic vegetables, flowers, oil seeds and seed production are some of the areas besides taking up mushroom growing and bee –keeping. Some more areas can be like dehydration of fruits and vegetables, canning or bottling of pickles, chutneys, jams, squashes, dairy and other products that are ready to eat.

  2. Enterprise development related to livestock management activities like dairy farm, poultry farm, livestock feed and fodder production and production of vermi compost using the animal waste can be some important areas in which they can utilize both their technical skills and raw materials from the farm and livestock to earn substantial income and small scale agro-processing units.

  3. Enterprise development related to household based operations like knitting, tailoring, weaving, embroidery, bakery and flour milling, petty shops, bamboo basket making, value addition to woven fabrics, bead making etc.

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