Extension Strategies to promote entrepreneurship

Lesson 3 : Need of Entrepreneurship Development for Farm Families

Extension Strategies to promote entrepreneurship

  1. Creating Awareness:Awakening of farm families to the possibilities of the easily accessible enterprises is the foremost task. The government, semi- government and non government organizations should create awareness among the most productive age group of farm families through various means like exhibitions, melas, campaigns. The printed and electronic media can be effectively put to use for the purpose.

  2. Motivating Entrepreneurs:Psychological stimulation is the prerequisite for putting any idea into action. For proper motivation of farm families, the economic, social, personal and political benefits of various possible enterprises should be highlighted. The use of farm visits, exposure visits, field trips, video film shows, dramas, puppet shows, group meeting etc. will help in motivating the potential group to become entrepreneurs.

  3. Expertise Development:After awakening and motivating the next step in development and success of an enterprise is the acquisition of knowledge and skill up-gradation and polishing of existing knowledge and skills are the basic requirements. Lectures, printed material, discussions, institutional and non institutional skill trainings for imparting first hand technical knowledge in procurement, processing, production and management should be provided to farm families who are interested or already engaged in various enterprises. Imparting knowledge in direct and indirect marketing of the produce and finance management should be in-built component of training programmes for rural folk.

  4. Continuous Follow-up:Constant follow- up should be ensured for sustainability of any enterprise. During this phase various constraints such as personal, social, economic, marketing etc. faced by entrepreneurs should be addressed. Possible help in the form of knowledge, technical skills and inputs should be provided to enable them to solve their problems.

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