Feeding the Mentally Challenged

Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)

Lesson 3 : Nutrition for the Mentally Challenged

Feeding the Mentally Challenged

Certain mentally challenged individuals may have physical disabilities also, making it further difficult for them to feed themselves. In such cases it is important that sufficient help is provided in feeding. When individuals are able to feed themselves they should be encouraged to do so. Very often the mentally challenged individual eats very slowly and in a messy manner. To provide sufficient nutrition for such individuals it becomes essential to feed them frequently with small quantities of food. This is especially important for children who need adequate food for growth. An abundance of patience and ingenuity are required on part of the mother to handle the situation.

Very often mentally challenged persons have definite likes and dislikes and resist new foods. However they respond favorably to a pleasant dining environment and suitable background music. The colour, aroma and attractive presentation of foods as well as good taste makes them react favorably. Generally sweets are well liked by them. Checking of weight regularly gives the care giver an idea about the adequacy of the diet.

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