Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)

Lesson 14 : Nutrition for the Lactating Mothers


Lactation is a normal physiological process that makes considerable nutritional demands on the mother. The physiological development for lactation begins during later part of pregnancy. Apart from the growth and development of mammary glands, energy reserves are laid down in the form of fat in the body of the mother and this may become available in part to provide extra energy required during lactation.

The nutritional link between the mother and child continues even after birth. New born baby depends for some period safely on breast milk for its nourishment.


  • The lactating mother has unique needs and concerns and her care and feeding deserve special attention.
  • During lactation, like in pregnancy, the mother requires additional nutrient intake to support both her infants growth and mother’s health.
  • If she does not eat well throughout pregnancy and lactation mother health compromises to a larger extent than that of her infant. Lactation is also likely to be unsuccessful.
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