Meaning of Video Technology

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Meaning of Video Technology

The term video originated from Latin word meaning “I see” which is commonly refers to several storage formats for moving eye pictures. In the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand, the term video is often used informally to refer to both videocassette recorders and video cassettes; the meaning is normally clear from the context.

Video is the technology of electronically capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting and reconstructing a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion. Video technology was first developed for television systems, but has been further developed in many formats to allow for consumer video recording. Video can also be viewed through the internet as video clips or streamline media clips on computer monitors.

Video can be recorded and transmitted in various physical media: in magnetic tape when recorded as PAL or NTSC electric signals by video cameras or in MPEG-4 or DV digital media when recorded by digital cameras. Quality of video essentially depends on the capturing method and storage used.Digital television (DTV) is relatively recent format with higher quality than earlier television formats and has become a standard for television video. 3D-video, digital video in three dimensions, premiered at the end of 20th century. Six or eight cameras with real time depth measurement are typically used to capture 3D-vidoe streams. The format of 3D-video is fixed in MPEG-4 Animation Framework extension (AFX).

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