Use of Video in Mass Communication

Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 01: Title - Use of Video in Mass Communication

Use of Video in Mass Communication

Video production is an essential element in all mass communication and journalism programmes in India both at under graduate and post graduate level. Several institutes and departments are training personnel for the burgeoning number of television channels. Video as a medium has been extensive use all over the world because of its versatility. Video production quite often referred to as television production because it is the most widely used application in the television industry. However, video is also being increasingly used by other sectors – in education, marketing, corporate presentations, activism, etc. Video production is a complex, time-consuming process that demands coordination among a wide variety of people. It involves recording and editing on magnetic tape or other portable media. The edited product needs to be reproduced and circulated to audiences through available distribution options like portable media, television, or even the fast evolving and growing internet.

Rapid changes in technology have shrunk the size of video equipment enhanced their resolution capabilities, enabled their wide usage and lead to a fall in the prices. Today digital technology has enabled video production activists and professionals to shoot broadcast-quality video at a very low cost as compared to earlier years. A fairly high-end computer can take care of basic editing needs and can also be used to burn CD’s-DVD’s for reproduction and distribution.

  • Instructional video through electronic media has served as a boon to mankind. It has provided us with an exposure to the world outside our cozy house.
  • It has resulted in an exchange of use on a variety of subjects of a wide variety of people from all around the world thereby leading to a global sharing of knowledge.
  • Mass media has given each of one a platform to voice opinions on all sorts of social and political issues and share information with one another.
  • It has brought out easy ways of communication and provided with easily accessible means to reach out to people on the other side of the planet and to present ourselves to the rest of the world.
  • The negative influence of media has also resulted that as a result of an over exposure to it are most often talked about. It is true to a certain extent that media has affected the society in a negative manner. But undoubtly media has proved being bliss.
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