Shots classified by camera height

Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 06: Types of Shots

Shots classified by camera height

The height at which the camera is perched gives us another classification of shots. There are three possible positions of the camera-eye-Ievel, low level, and top-level. All the shots in the previous exhibit discussing the seven basic shot sizes are at eye-level. Figure 1.9(a) and (b) discussed earlier are low-level and top-level shots. They are also called the low-angle and high-angle shots.


LS, MLS, MS, MCU, CU, and ECU) that we have already learnt are descriptions of the composition of an object. We have already learnt the different kinds of shots, their significance, and the different camera and lens movements. However, it is also important to learn that the different shot sizes when used in combination with different camera and lens movements produce an altogether different impact. This leads us to the types of shots. There are three types of shots: simple shot, complex shot, and developing shot. The nature of each of these shots has been discussed in Exhibit 2.1.

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