Categories of Shots

Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 06: Types of Shots

Categories of Shots

Extreme Close-up shot (ECU)
Focus :
ECU captures from mid-fore-head to just above chin, or even closer.
It is used to show details up close, as details are magnified to a very large extent, and to emphasize facial expressions or to make the subject appear threatening.
Long Shot (LS)

LS shows the entire body and a very short distance above and below.
It is used to establish the location and enable viewers to follow action within the frame; this is a shot in which the subject can be seen in full. Details are still missing, but the shot is a little closer that the ELS.

Medium Long Shot (MLS)
MLS focus from head to below the knees or just above the ankle. Cuts just below the knees.
It is used to clearly show body gestures, especially the arms.
Medium Shot (MS)

MS focus from the waist to the head. Cuts the body above/below the waist.
Used to help viewers easily recognize the subjects and also see what they are doing with their hands.
Medium Close up (MCU)

MCU is the typical passport-size photograph. Cuts the body at the lower chest, just below the armpit.
Used to show reactions and indicate what the subject is feeling. No more details are available except of the face.

Close-up (CU) :In close-up shot a person is covered upto shoulders. The purpose of this shot is showing a person intimately, and revealing expressions and details.
Extreme Close-up(ECU):
In this shot specific parts of body are covered. Minute details are also shown through extreme long shots.

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