Central Courtyard and Atrium

Commercial Interior Space Designing 4(1+3)

Lesson 8:Specialised Facilities for commercial buildings

Central Courtyard and Atrium

These are enclosed multi-storied space that is open vertically to multiple stories. These have many advantages as a building form over conventional modern building configurations.

Atrium buildings appeal to people not only logically, but also emotionally by providing a connection to the outside inside. By bringing natural light into the interior, atriums offer larger, more efficient floor areas than conventional buildings.

Atriums provide more desirable work environments by providing more space with a connection to natural daylight and the outside environment. Many believe that access to natural full spectrum lighting creates a more healthful and productive environment. There have been several studies that support this view.

An atrium is a pleasant all weather gathering place providing shelter from the more extreme climate conditions outside. The atrium replicates a desirable outdoor environment by providing the benevolent aspects of the outdoor environment; natural light, moderate temperatures while sheltering us from the harsher elements of extreme temperatures, rain, and winds.


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