Water Closet design needs

Commercial Interior Space Designing-II 4(1+3)

Lesson 8:Specialised Facilities for commercial buildings

Water Closet design needs

All W.C.s should preferably be wall hung and should be fitted with a flush valve and an automatic flushing device with a manual bypass. The fixture should be concealed for easy maintenance and to deter vandalism. W.C. cubicles should be 850mm (min) x 1500mm (min). All W.C. cubicles should be fitted with drum roll toilet paper dispensers.

Coat hooks (double hooks) should be affixed behind cubicle doors. A platform or foldable shelf could be installed in the cubicles for putting personal items.Cubicle partition board should be of rigid design and wall or ceiling hung, where practical, without leg support for easy cleaning of the floor area.

Wash basins should be substantial in size. The basins should have a minimum size of 500mm in length and 400mm in width

The space around wash hand basins should be adequate

All wash basins should be installed into vanity tops, and located beneath the vanity

Vanity tops should have backsplash and apron edges

All wash basin taps should be provided with PUB-approved aerators. As an effort to conserve water, electronically controlled taps can be considered. Sensor controlled taps with their precise flow settings and positive shutoff characteristics, offer effective means for providing adequate water flow when it is required. Further to this, it will minimize hand contact. The water pressure and tap/wash basin position should not cause water to splash onto user’s body during activation.

Provision of Facilities
All public toilets should be fitted with :

(a) Waste bins inside each male and female toilet and outside toilets located directly below or in close proximity to the washbasin vanity.

(b) Either paper towel dispenser or hand dryer, directly above or in close proximity to the washbasin vanity

(c) Sanitary disposal bins in female toilets

(d) Suitable air fresheners to promote a fragrant, pleasing environment. Any airfresheners spray should avoid spraying directly at user’s hair, face and body. It should spray away in non-traffic directions or upwards.

(e) Sanitizers in each W.C bowl/ urinal fitting.

(f) Wash areas should also be provided outside public toilets serving wet markets and beaches.

(g) A slop sink and it should preferably be housed in a separate compartment.


Special needs

  1. Diaper changing station.
  2. Toilet for the handicapped:
    Where sanitary provisions are to be made for wheelchair users, such provisions shall be in accordance with the requirements stipulated under BCA’s “Code on Barrier-Free Accessibility in Buildings”. The wash basin in handicap toilets should be within reach from a seated position so that the handicapped can do his washing without shifting himself.

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