Floor and Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :01 Flooring in Interior Design


Floors are literally the basis of a house both practically and aesthetically. They are the surface for the walk, to sit and to lie down. Floor may be required to provide sound and heat insulation or to take heavy traffic and is the setting for furniture arrangement and possessions. Since it forms the large part of the surface area of any room, its color, pattern and texture will have a dominant effect on the decorative scheme. The floor is a basic surface in the building and also a very important surface in a room for visual attraction. Therefore, it has both aesthetic and practical role to play and it is imperative to our comfort and sense of ease.

From health point of view floor can be a critical component of workplace safety. Most people give little thought to the flooring while working and while walking unless they slip or fall. Therefore, a strategic focusing on the design, selection and maintenance of flooring is required.The type of floor also makes an important contribution to the character of the home i.e whether it is selected based on style or period. Therefore, flooring needs consideration of factors while selecting the flooring materials

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