Floorings for outdoors

Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :08 Selection of Flooring for residential rooms and for non residential buildings

Floorings for outdoors

Exterior /outdoor decorating can creatively reflect the owners personality just as much as the furnishing, colors and accessories assembled inside. In the following discussion we are concerned only with the flooring material for the outdoor surface in the garden. Outdoor surface can be hard surface and can be with lawn with gravel or quarry stone. The type of surface finish you choose will depend upon the function, character and size of the area. For domestic set up for smaller setup brick and granite surface looks elegant. For larger area concrete surface or stone will give traditional look. The Drive-ways is the heaviest area of wear it could be finished with asphalt, color concrete surface or interlocking terrazzo pavers. In a sheltered area flooring can be stone tile, granite, terrakota tile


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