Flooring for nonresidential purpose

Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :08 Selection of Flooring for residential rooms and for non residential buildings

Flooring for nonresidential purpose

  1. Concrete flooring
  2. Most commonly used in residential, commercial, institutional and public buildings. In India it is very popular.

  3. Brick floor
  4. Suitable for ware house stores and godowns. In places like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab burnt bricks of good quality are readily available and stones are scarce.

  5. Stones
  6. All stones should be dressed on edges before use. Stones with rough surfaces should be used on rough works like godowns, sheds and stores. While use of polished surface stones add beauty in public places such as schools, workshop, hospitals. It is a economic flooring specially in places like Tamil Nadu,

  7. Wood flooring
  8. Not very common in India for residential building however for commercial building people are adopting wood flooring. However, these are used in dancing halls, auditorium and corporate office now a days. However, it is very common in western countries.

  9. Mosaic flooring:
  10. These are commonly used in theatre, temples, bathrooms and superior type of building floor.

  11. Terrazzo
  12. Becoming very popular for providing flooring in banks, hotels, office buildings and public buildings.

  13. Tiled flooring
  14. Commonly used for hotels and office and public buildings. Ceramic tile are ideal for wet areas such as wash room.

  15. Rubber flooring
  16. Being used to a large extent in public and industrial buildings.

  17. Marble
  18. Is commonly used where cleanliness are required in case of hospitals, temples, and theaters.
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