Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :10 Floor coverings


Every person in the world dreams for a beautiful interior, a part of which is compulsorily composed of floors and the floor coverings

A soft floor covering makes a room comfortable and gives a finished appearance. It is usually good to have a carpet or a large rug in all the rooms. However, bare floors appear clean and cool but the soft floor covering gives an aesthetic appeal.

The soft floor covering includes the carpet and rugs. Since they contribute to a greater area of the house, their design, color and texture have considerable importance. The word carpet comes from the Latin word ‘carepre’ meaning to card wool. Since carpets were originally made with wool, they were appropriately termed as carpets. Carpets have been used all the time as the most important, preferable and elegant floor covering. Besides, being used to fulfill aesthetic needs, the use of carpets and rugs as floor covering reflects a number of practical functions. They bring warmth and comfort under the feet, soften and muffle the sound more effectively than any othersurface materials. They offer safety against slippery on high glossy surface.

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