Factors for selecting floor coverings

Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)

Lesson :10 Floor coverings

Factors for selecting floor coverings

The consumer today is provided with a wide range of floor coverings. Floor coverings fulfill many needs in the home. Most floor coverings are relatively expensive and represent an investment of a fairly large proportion of the furnishing budget. Color, texture and price are important in influencing one's choice, but there are other factors too, as enumerated below.

  1. Economy:
  2. Although the cost of the floor covering is important, at the same time the economy of upkeep is equally important. Natural colors are the best ones.

  3. Resilience or Cushion impact:
  4. It is the degree of springiness with which a carpet returns to its original condition after weight is removed. It reduces the foot fatigue. When floor is carpeted there is less breakage of things when dropped on it. It is especially good for children because they do not get hurt when they fall.

  5. Warmth:
  6. This feature depends on the climatic conditions of the area. Usually it is desired that all the carpets and rugs provide warmth to the foot. The dark color carpets are preferable.

  7. Reflection:
  8. It is usually associated with ceilings and walls, but much more light hits the floor day and night. The more light the floor reflects, the brighter the home will be.

  9. Sound absorption:
  10. Rough, porous material lessens noise. Carpeting helps in insulation against sound.

  11. Safety:
  12. Carpets and rugs provide safety from falls, slips, skidding, as well as flame retardency. Kitchens and bathrooms should be given special considerations.

  13. Anti-Static:
  14. Anti-static is the ability of floor coverings to disperse electrostatic charges and prevent a buildup of surface static electricity. Nylon will build up a great deal of static electricity unless an anti-static finish is applied.

  15. Aesthetics:
  16. The principles and elements of design should be used to create the effect one desires. Floor coverings should harmonize with the furnishings and architecture of the house. Some of the traditional floor coverings, such as braided, hooked, rugs, and needle punched rugs will harmonize with other furnishings.

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