Social Dimension

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 03 : Dimensions Of Health And Interrelationships

Social Dimension

Social well being means harmony and integration within the individual, between each individual and other members of the society and between the individual and the world in which they live. Social health has been defined as “the quantity and quality of an individual’s interpersonal ties and the extent of involvement with the community”. If an individual recognizes his or her belongingness to a family, the first stage of social health has been achieved. Second stage includes recognition of relation with others in the society. If an individual achieves both these, then the person can be referred to as socially healthy.

An individual maintaining good physical and mental health alone, can maintain social relations with others and can be socially healthy.

Social dimension of health includes

  • levels of social skills one possesses
  • social functioning and the ability to see oneself as a member of large society.

Social health is rooted in

  • positive material environment (financial, residential matters)
  • positive human environment (social network of individual)
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