Spiritual Dimension

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 03 : Dimensions Of Health And Interrelationships

Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual health refers to that part of the individual which reaches out and strives for meaning and purpose in life. Spiritual health is beyond that of physiological and psychological which is intangible. It is relatively a new concept gaining momentum even in the west. It includes integrity, principles and ethics, the purpose in life, commitment to higher being and belief in concepts.

One must be aware that blindly following religious practices and customs does not necessarily make a person spiritually healthy. Spiritual health is more a matter of attitudes and a way of looking at situations and people. What is more important is concern for others and a genuine desire to help and be of assistance. Commitment, duty and obligation are characteristics of a spiritually healthy person. Spiritual health is not very easy to attain. Yoga and meditation have been advocated to attain spiritual health which provides inner peace and supreme happiness.

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