Factors Required For Efficient Vision

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 16 : Lighting And Noise

Factors Required For Efficient Vision

  • Sufficiency:

    • Lighting should be sufficient to help to distinguish the objects and the surroundings without eye strain
    • Minimum required is 15 to 20 foot candles
    • Distribution:
    • It should be uniform, with equal intensity all over the fields

  • Absence of glare:

    • Glare is excessive contrast
    • Glare causes annoyance, discomfort and reduces critical vision

  • Absence of sharp shadows: Though light shadows are inevitable, sharp shadows do the same effect as glare

    • Steadiness: source of light should be constant, not flickering

    • Color of light:

      • If intensity is adequate, color of light has no problem on vision.
      • However, light of color nearer to natural light can be soothing

    • Surroundings:

      • Should reflect enough light to help recognition of objects from their surrounding
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