Suggestion For Improving Daylight Illumination

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 16 : Lighting And Noise

Suggestion For Improving Daylight Illumination

  • Orientation of buildings

    • Should be facing north or south, for uniform illumination and to avoid undue heating of rooms from sunlight
    • If this cannot be done, then window shading can be used to reduce the entry of heat from sunlight

  • Removal of obstructions either partially or wholly

    1. Windows

      • Should be properly planned
        • Natural lighting depends on amount of visible sky, size shape, and arrangement of windows
      • Tall window gives greater penetration of light
      • Wide window gives greater diffusion of light
      • Area of window should be proportionate to the purpose for which it is used.

    2. Interior of the room

      • Ceilings should be white
      • Upper portion of the wall should be light tinted and lower dark tinted
      • Desirable reflection factor from
        • Roof is 80%
        • Walls is 50 – 60%
        • Furniture 30 – 40%
        • Floor not more than 20%
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