Female Genital System

Human Physiology

Lesson 27 : Female Reproductive System -I

Female Genital System

Female genital system comprises of a pair of ovaries situated in pelvic cavity as primary sex organ and tubular genital tract. Ovary in cow is almond size solid parenchymatous organ involved in production of ovum, the female germ cell. Tubular genital tract includes a pair of oviducts (infundibulum, ampulla and isthmus), one uterus, cervix and vagina

Physiology of female reproductive system is more complex due to its following major functions:

  1. Production of female gamete, the ovum
  2. Production of female sex hormones
  3. Reception of spermatozoa
  4. Housing & nourishment of embryo
  5. Nourishment of infant.

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