Lesson 14:Biodiversity and its conservation


  • Biodiversity is the ensemble and interaction of genes, species and ecological diversity at given place and time. The term biodiversity encompasses different genes, species, ecosystems, and their relative abundance.
  • Biodiversity is the part of nature which includes the differences in genes among the individuals of species; the variety and richness of all the plant and animal species at different scales in space i.e. in a region, country and world.
  • It can also be defined as “the diversity of life, which includes the full range of variety and variability within and among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur and encompasses ecosystem or community diversity, species diversity and genetic diversity”.

It deals with the degree of nature’s variety in the biosphere at three levels:

  1. Genetic variability within a species

  2. Variety of species within a community
  3. Organization of species in an area

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