Poaching of wild life

Lesson 14:Biodiversity and its conservation

Poaching of wild life:

Poaching is the illegal hunting, fishing or eating of wild plants or animals contrary to local laws and in violation. Poaching of wildlife species or the illegal killing of animals occurs worldwide for many different reasons. Animals are killed illegally for their meat, skins and internal organs as well as, for sport and accidental killing. Many of the species illegally killed or poached are tigers for their bones, rhinos for horns, elephants for tusks (ivory), musk deer for perfume and bears for their gall bladders. Corals and shells are collected for export or for domestic marketing. Tortoises, exotic birds and other small animals are smuggled abroad for the pet trade. A variety of wild plants with medicinal values are being over-harvested. The garden plants like orchids, ferns and mosses are collected for illegal trade.

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