Role played by government


Role played by government

The National Policy on Resettlement and Rehabilitation for Project Affected Families, 2003, was gazette on February 17, 2004, by the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA’s) ministry of rural development. The first draft of this policy was brought out in 1993; it was subsequently revised a number of times.

Although the policy marks a watershed for community activists, groups and social movements working with issues relating to development –induced displacement, who have demanded sensitive and just resettlement, the policy promises a bleak future for many communities that will inevitably be displaced from their homes and livelihoods in the face of india’s run to economic advancement. On the development agenda are a huge number of dams, highways, ports and mines – all of which will add to the list of families uprooted.

National Rehabilitation policy is formulated by Indian Government> the major requisitions formulated by the policy include.

  1. Affected people may offer land for land compensation.
  2. They may be given short term monetary grant to start same work.
  3. Provisions for monetary compensation for immovable assets.
  4. They may be given grants for rehabilitation so that their life comes back to a normal routine.

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