Rehabilitation policy


Rehabilitation policy

  • Land for land should be provided with an economically viable minimum of 5 acres even to the landless.
  • Resettlement should be in the neighbourhood of their environment.
  • If resettlement is not possible in the command area, top priority should be given to the development of irrigation facilities and supply of basic inputs for agriculture; drinking water, wells, grazing grounds for cattle, schools for the children, primary health care units and other amenities should be arranged.
  • In partly affected village, villagers should be given the option of shifting out with others with the same compensation as available to evacuees.
  • Training facilities should be set up to upgrade the skills of affected people and reservation in jobs should be made for the willing adults among the evacuees.

Case Study

In the case of Sardar Sarovar Project, Gujarat was to bear the costs of rehabilitation of the affected villagers of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In the case of Srisilam project, compensation was very low.

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