Variations among nations

Lesson 30: Human population and environment

Variations among nations:

Afghanistan and Ethiopia have high birthrates and high death rates, while Guatemala and Syria have high birth rates and low death rates. Sweden and UK are characterized by low birthrates and death rates. Russia and Germany have low birthrates and high death rates due to political unrest. Population density is highest in South Asia. 60% of world population depends on 30% of its land. Average density of world population is 42 persons per square km and India’s density is 324 persons/sq km.

The factors responsible for population growth are increased fertility rate and birth rate, decreased mortality and morbidity rates. Ignorance, Illiteracy and gender discrimination are the other reasons for the growth of population.

Fertility rate means number of children born per woman per life time. Zero population growth means number of births equals the number of deaths. Replacement fertility is equal to 2.1 where the population growth will stabilize

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