Sink Types, styles and sizes

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 04 : Fittings and fixtures in interiors

Sink Types, styles and sizes

Console Sinks n
Console sinks sits on two or four legs, and look almost like a table top sink. It is often crafted in Victorian designs to suit the console sink style; and they come in pieces in traditional or modern styles as well. It is also a table-like fixture supported by ornamental legs or brackets. And gives a nice and airy feel.

Wall hung sinks
Wall Hung sink designs are fitted into the wall, leaving the space under the sink open and free. They are available in all different styles to suit everyone’s taste and bathroom development desires. A preexisting plumbing in the walls is helpful when installing a wall mount sink.

Pedestal Sinks c
Pedestal Style Sinks are very stylish. They sit on a top of a stand, often made from ceramic. It resembles a sink on a pillar. These fixtures are great for smaller bathrooms as they do not occupy much space.

Self Rimming Sinks
Self-rimming sinks are very popular and are quite easy to install. In this type the rim extends above the countertop surface and securely supports the sink's weight. At all times the faucet is dirnectly mounted on a deck or ledge along the back edge of the sink.


Under mount Sinks
Under mount sinks are those that mount beneath the counter, and are used with solid surface countertop materials, such as granite, marble, limestone, concrete, etc. They are clean and minimalist look. They highlight the contours of the sink basin and makes counter clean-up effortless.


Vanity Top Sinks
It is a critical aspect of overall bathroom design. It sits on a top cabinetry and provides good storage space, as well as leaving enough room available on the tabletop to do vanity tasks. They are mostly designed with a small overhang to blend well with the cabinetry and sink.

Vessel Style Sinks n
A Vessel Sink sits on a top bathroom counter like a bowl, but works just like a sink. Vessel style sinks are extremely unique and fashionable.







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