Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 04 : Fittings and fixtures in interiors


A mixer is a common spout with two taps.
Bath Mixers:
Bath mixers are available in a range of sleek modern style. In this the hot aknd cold water merges within the bath mixer, as both taps are usually fed from a cistern. Most bath mixers are two-hole types that fit into a standard two-hole sink, one for the hot tap and one for the cold. Some bath mixers however need three holes, a centre hole for the spout and some only one. The various types of bath mixers include wall mounted bath mixers, floor mounted bath mixers and deck mounted bath mixers. Bath mixers sometimes have a shower attachment with a control knob that diverts the water flow from the spout to the shower sprinkler. The material used is glass. Granite, acrylic, ceramic , steel and traditional materials such as wood, metals such as brass, copper, aluminum , cast iron, wrought iron are also used.l

Bidet Mixers: Bidet mixers are designed to operate at any water flow pressure and temperature mix. They are good in appearance and functional in operation. It has soft lines and sculpted with easy to grip heads. Pop-up wastes are generally included with the bidet mixers leading to its easy usage. Finishes used are nickel, satin nickel, polished nickel and brushed chrome.


Mixer Showers: They are capable of mixing hot and cold water in a special valve. After being mixed in a valve t is available at the shower head. They can be used for low and high pressure. They are available as surface mounted fixture as well as flush mounted fixture. In surface mounted mixer the pipe work is installed on the top of the existing surface. Whereas in flush mounted the pipe work is hidden behind the surface whereas the valve is seen.


Thermostatic Mixer Shower: A thermostatic mixer shower consists of thermostat that senses a change in temperature and rectifies the situation. When a failure in flow is detected then some advanced thermostatic mixers even cut the water off. Some of the thermostatic mixers also have a temperature time device. This device usually stops very high temperatures which are selected by the user.

Power Shower Mixers: Power shower mixers have integral pumps which increase the rate of flow from the shower head. These showers can only be installed on pressure, tank fed systems. For these types of mixers water supply should always be above the unit. This ensures that the pump is always primed and does not have to suck any air.k

Single Lever Mixers: The single – lever mixer tap usually consists of a single lever for the ease of operation. These mixers incorporate typical features of all the fittings for washbasins, bathtub/showers, showers and bidets. Single-levers are available in sink, basin or recess mounted options. Brass and stainless steel are the two materials most commonly used to make single-lever mixers. They are available for bath –shower, hand-shower, basin, sinks and can be also fitted on the sink wall. They can be installed on any standard basin or sink. The mixers are also coated with a variety of materials to prevent them from tarnishing. Hey are available in either classic polished chrome or modern matt stainless steel finish.

Sink Mixer: Sink mixer is a type of bathroom accessory that is mainly installed in sink and is useld for mixing water to get the appropriate temperature while bathing. They are commonly manufactured from extremely durable, high quality, water resistant materials. Durable brass and heavy gauge stainless steel are the most widely used. The special features of efficient mixers are: (i) Stylish curved neck, ( ii) contemporary , easy, clean styling, (iii) Firm grip (iv) facilitates easy flow of water (v) User-friendly ( vi) Perfect finish (vii) Easy installation (viii) Polished finish and solid construction. There are different styles of mixers available and they are of single hole type, single-lever wall mounted, two-handle type or simply wall mounted types. Another popular design is a mixer with concealed stop cock.

Three- Hole mixer: In a three – hole mixer, the hot and cold control valves and the outlet nozzloe are each mounted separately on the washbasin or bath. Separate hot and cold handles blend water through a central spout that is a cost effective option for adding a shower facility over the bath. With this style of tap, the control of the flush is on top of the basin, with water coming from a single spout in the center. Assembling a three- hole washbasin mixer is done by placing each section through the holes in the basin or bidet and connecting the pipes underneath. Corrosion- free materials are used. Brass, aluminum, copper, cast iron, wrought iron and stainless steel are widely used to make shower tower.

Tub Mixers: They solve the problem of maintaining the desired temperature in the tub. These mix hot and cold water as per the need and requirement of the user. Mixed water is supplied through a single spout from the tub mixers. The finishes used are bronze finish, brushed brass finish, nickel finish, chrome, gold and platinum.s

Wall Mixer: Wall mixers are mounted on the wall. They are a kind of bathroom faucet with two knobs meant for regulating the flow of hot and cold water. Wall mixers are widely used in home, hotel and offices. They are usually made of stainless steel, brass, etc. They are unique with extractable spout and come with contemporary levers for ease of operation. Wall mixers resist the impact of corrosive elements well and last for a long time.

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