Saunas and steam showers

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 04 : Fittings and fixtures in interiors

Saunas and steam showers

Sauna: A Sauna is a small relaxing room meant for providing people dry or wet heat sessions. In this txhe temperature is kept high and humid condition is created which promoted sweating and hence the relaxation.

Types: Depending on the source of heat sauna can be categorized in the following types:

  1. Steam saunas
  2. Dry saunas
  3. Wet saunas
  4. Smoke saunas
  5. Infrared saunasv

Infrared saunas are preferred most. The heat sources used for the above saunas are wood, electricity, gas and the more unconventional methods such as solar power.
“An INFRARED SAUNA is a sauna that heats its occupants with heaters that emit far infrared radiation.” They do not heat the air. These saunas are normally wooden box containing many infrared heaters.
Sauna has many health benefits. It provides relaxation in the following circumstances:

  1. Provide relief in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and certain skin conditions.
  2. Heals and stimulates tissues
  3. Effective in arthritis and tissue injuries
  4. Detoxification of skin
  5. Reduction of weight
  6. Pain management
  7. Stress Reduction.
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