Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 08 :Lighting fixtures and fittings for different rooms and light control


Light is the primary requisite of life. The basic function of a lighting design is to illuminate the forms and space of an interior environment, and allows its users to undertake activities and perform tasks with appropriate speed, accuracy and comfort. Lighting a space is an important element in determining the beauty and comfort of the home.

Lighting fixtures
The lighting fixtures in a room must relate in scale, color and texture to the room’s furnishings. An imaginative combination of various types of lighting fixtures can add zest to a room. The many styles, shapes, their placement , etc. are the various factors that can enhance the appeal of the decorative element of lighting are discussed below:
The light recognizes and fulfills the following needs:

    1. Function
    2. Safety
    3. Beauty.

Lighting fixtures are integral parts of a building electrical system, transforming energy into usable illumination. Light fixtures normally require an electrical connection or power supply, a housing assembly and a lamp. While choosing a lighting fixture, the concern is not only with the shape and form but also with the form of illumination it provides.


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