Types of fixtures

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 08 :Lighting fixtures and fittings for different rooms and light control

Types of fixtures

There are mainly two types of light fixtures, namely – movable and surface – mounted fixtures.

  1. Movable Light Fixtures

    Table lamps, floor lamps, and small specialty lamps are easy to buy , easy to take along when one moves and are the movable light fixtures.

    1. Table lamps- shows individuality and style, at the same time they serve as sources of light. Variety, mobility, and ease of installation add to the appeal of such lamps. The choice of lampshade is very crucial. Diameter of the lower edge dictates the spread of light below. The height of the bulb within the shade also affects the circle of illumination.
    2. Floor Lamps- offer great flexibility. The traditional floor lamp provides a continuous of levels, serving either as a reading light or as a source ambient light.
    3. Pharmacy Lamps- offer options for tasks such as reading and sewing. Lamps with adjustable arms provide greater range and flexibility. Bright torches available in halogen and incandescent versions , bounce onto the ceiling for a dramatic form or indirect lighting specially for high ceiling rooms.
    4. Specialty Lamps- in new varieties are constantly appearing. These lamps can fill a definite need while remaining movable and requires standard wiring. A lamp designed for an artist’s table can be called a specialty lamp.

  2. Surface –mounted fixtures

    Installed either on walls or on ceilings, surface – mounted fixtures are integral to most home lighting designs. They are also a common sight in all show rooms.

    1. Ceiling and Wall fixtures- Provide general illumination in traffic areas such as landings, entries and hallways where safety is a consideration. Kitchen, bathrooms and workshops benefit from the added light from ceiling fixtures used in conjunction with task lighting on work surfaces.
    2. Chandeliers and pendant fixtures- add sparkle and style in high ceiling entries and above dinning and game tables. These decorative fixtures can give direct or diffused light or a combination of the two. If a fixture is used over a table, the width should be at least 12 inches less than the width of the table to prevent collisions with diners or passers-by.

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    4. Mini-lights and strip-lights- are partly for fun and partly for effective task lighting. They add a splash of light and color and may be used to provide very good effect in highlighting high windows and other architectural features.
    5. Track Lighting- offers great versatility of installation. Available in varying lengths, tracks are extended electrical lines from the outlets they hold. Fixtures can be mounted anywhere along the line. A track can be ‘lush-mounted’ or suspended on ceilings and walls. Tracks come in one-and-multi-circuit and they allow one to extend systems in a straight – line angle, or even in a rectangle. Tracks can accommodate pendant fixtures, clip low spot lights, as well as large lamps.


    6. Recessed Ceiling Fixtures- are used to provide illumination in down light offices without the intrusion of a visible fixture. For this reason, they are effective in rooms with low ceilings and sleek lines. Recessed fixtures can be added in existing areas provided there is enough space between the ceiling and the roof above.
    7. Built-in Indirect lighting – are the ones like coves, cornices, valances, brackets and soffits which can be used to provide indirect light. Simple and in architectural designs, these devices and light sources are shielded from view, allowing spill-out around the shields. Coves direct light upward, while cornices spread light used over windows. Valances spread lights both up to and down the draperies. Wall brackets, mounted direct into interior walls, spread light, both up and down and can be used to highlight artwork or to provide ambient light in living rooms. Soffits, used over work areas, throw a stronger light below.
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