Lighting for exteriors

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 08 :Lighting fixtures and fittings for different rooms and light control

Lighting for exteriors

  1. Lighting the stairways
    Stairways should always be well – lighted, especially at the head and foot. When the fixture does not light all of the steps adequately, additional lights should be provided on the edges of the steps or by means of a post light. Recessed lighting may be secured to the risers on the stairs and gives a feeling of elegance.


  2. Lighting the garage
    Extra lighting in the garage can transform this space into a part-time workshop. At the least an outlet should be provided for an occasional light to be used for minor repairs to automobile or garden machinery

  3. Outdoor and Garden Lighting
    A lighted garden can be arranged for viewing from inside the house, or for effect when viewed from outside or for garden parties. The entrance and the house number need to be clearly illuminated and both the visitor and the host should be able to se each other. Weather proof fixtures mounted on exterior walls or over sunshades provide typical solutions. Use of spot and flood lights concealed in the landscape can be made for more installation

  4. Entrance and Passage Lighting
    With good front door and porch lighting, the door itself, the keyhole, the ground immediately front of door and the steps or step leading up to it will clearly be visible.
    One can create a welcoming atmosphere by brightly lighting the entrance hall. One can use ceiling lights to highlight accessories. The entrance hallway should be well lighted by a ceiling fixture and other supplementary light as needed. A hall may have a direct or indirect ceiling light that can give brilliant, medium or subdued light as required. A pair of table lamps or a floor lamp may constitute part of a group of furniture in a hall.
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