Electrical fittings

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 09 :Electrical Layout and Wiring System, Bye-Laws Related To Electricity

Electrical Fittings

Lighting fixtures, wall switches, and convenience outlets are the most visible parts of an electric system. Switches and receptacles outlets should be located for convenient access, and coordinated with visible surface patterns. Wall plates for these devices may be of metal, plastic, or glass and are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

  1. Switches
    • Toggle switch has a lever or knob that moves through a small arc and causes the contacts to open or close an electric circuit.
    • Three-way switches are a single – pole, double – throw switch used in conjunction with another to control lights from two locations.
    • Four –way switch is used in conjunction with two three – way switches to control lights from three locations.
    • Dimmer is a rheostat or similar device for regulating the intensity of an electric light without appreciably affecting spatial distribution.

  2. Receptacles
    • Duplex receptacles, also called convenience outlets, are usually mounted on a wall and house one or more receptacles for portable lamps or appliances.
    • Split-wired receptacles contain one outlet that is always energized and a second outlet that is controlled by a wall switch.
    • Special receptacles designed to serve a specific type of appliance will be polarized and have a specific configuration so that only attachments form that appliances will fit the receptacle.
    • Outdoor receptacles should have water – resistant cover.
    • In all wet locations, receptacles should be protected by a ground fault interrupter ( GFI)
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