Components of house wiring

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Lesson 09 :Electrical Layout and Wiring System, Bye-Laws Related To Electricity

Components of house wiring

Components of Basic House Wiring:
There are three basic components of house wiring namely; Service Point, Panel Board and Branch Circuits.
Service Point:

  • This point in the house where the electrical services goes from the main grid into the home.
  • It is considered as a critical point in basic electrical wiring.
  • The entry lines should be at least ten feet above the ground and inaccessible from the window.
  • It should be also be free of obstructions like tree branches.
  • The service entry should be installed in the right way so that water cannot penetrate the accent point.

Panel Board:

  • A panel board is the control centre.
  • Whenever we install a new electronic device in our house or planning to do some additional wiring, one should check the panel board to ensure the electricity is cut off when the electrician is working.
  • Panel board is the device where one should install new breakers when one are doing a wiring remodeling in home.

Branch Circuits:

  • The isolated areas of the home where the panel board directs the electrical currents are called branch circuits.
  • They help in turning off the power in one section of the house, when rest of the house is in operational mode.
  • The electrician need to understand how the branch circuits works to get the basic wiring in home done.
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