Importance of Good taste in art and design

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 01 : An Introduction to Art Design In Interiors

Importance of Good taste in art and design

Art may be so much a part of our daily living that will help us to do more beautifully, the simple homely things as well as the more unusual. As we surround ourselves with beauty, art actually becomes a part of our life and personality, an occasional enjoyment rather to be sought and enjoyed in everything we do and in everything we select.

The consumers of today should have the knowledge of the principles of designs and the fundamentals of good taste. Good taste, in the field of art, is the application of the principles of design to the problems where appearance as well as utility is the consideration. For example in designing an art piece for interiors, furnishing a home for a family or a child’s study room or an home office, good taste can make these projects successful.

Good taste in art and design:

  1. Every individual should understand and apply the elements of art, and principles of design in creation selection and arrangement of interiors.
  2. The selection and arrangement must be economical and beautiful.
  3. Developing good taste enables an individual properly to judge.
  4. Beauty is determined also by the quality of the objects chosen.

The idea is all too prevalent that in decoration, an object must be ornamented if it is to have an art “quality”. Some of the basic criteria’s for developing

good taste are as follows:

  1. When decoration is used, it should be simple.
  2. Over decoration is one of the worst faults.
  3. Taste is molded to a very large extent, by the things which surround us.
  4. The taste of the family member is influenced generally by the objects selected by the home maker.
  5. It is a privilege for children to develop a good taste, who live in a home in which there is an orderliness in selection, arrangement where in beauty and good taste are automatically achieved.

Art and Design in home furnishing:
Design is the selecting and arranging of materials, with two aims i.e. orderliness and beautifying. So, Design is any arrangement of lines, forms, colors and textures. It involved the problem of choosing these lines, forms, colors; the materials used and in addition, create beauty in the finished product.

Objectives and guidelines to create designs
The elements of art are to be used according to the principles of design in order to achieve the objectives of beauty, expressiveness and functionalism which in brief are given below as guidelines for creating designs

Elements of art

Principles of design

















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