Analogous Color Scheme/Adjacent color scheme

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Analogous Color Scheme/Adjacent color scheme

Analogous color scheme is one that combines colors that are adjacent to one another in the color wheel Fig 5.4. In this color scheme, colors situated next to each other on the color wheel of a Prang color system, are used. It generally uses one color as its major force with the two neighboring colors to enhance it, eg. Yellow with yellow-green and green or blue with blue-green and blue-purple. Any adjacent colors may be used in combination with interesting effects. Because of their position on the color wheel, they are often referred to as related color schemes.

Analogous color scheme is much more interesting than a monochromatic color scheme. It is also a simple and easy color scheme to choose and adopt even for an inexperienced persons. Adjacent color scheme can be used in any room irrespective of its size. It is suitable for both small and large rooms. The colors lying adjacent to each other in a color wheel is to be learned Fig.5.5.. One can choose either all warm or all cool colors. For example, a combination of yellow, yellow orange, orange and red orange makes up a warm analogous color scheme. A combination of blue purple, blue, blue green and green provides a cool analogous color scheme. A combination of both warm and cool color scheme also possible in an analogous color scheme by choosing colors of blue green, green, yellow green and yellow or blue purple, purple, red purple and red.

Analogous harmonies are quiet and restful and show more variety than one hue harmonies The point to be kept in mind is that the lighter colors and their tints to be used at the higher level, mid values at mid level and then the darker value/shade at the lower level.

It is also better to list the four adjoining colors in one quarter of the color wheel and then select the first and last colors and one of the two mid colors should be combined to make a choice of three final colors. For example, when the four colors in a quarter of the color wheel is blue, blue-green, green and yellow green are chosen, blue and yellow green are chosen first, and then either blue green or green is selected to make an analogous color scheme with three final colors.

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