Desk and its Types

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 06 :Furniture

Desk and its Types

A desk is a suitable writing surface and an accessible storage for storage of papers and supplies (Fig.6.13). A desk can be a table with one or two drawers, a compartment in modular unit a piece of furniture designed for serious work.

Like other kinds of tables, desks have two important dimensions: height and dimensions of the top. Desk height is determined first by purpose, and second by the height of the desk- chair seat. Nothing is more uncomfortable than working at a desk that is too high or too low in conjunction with chair- seat height.


  1. Table desk, apron pencil drawer top view also as single drawer
  2. Double drawer pedestal desk top view, front view also as single drawer pedestal with a panel end.
  3. Center- pedestal desk top view, front view
  4. Secretarial desk, typing extension or runoff: top view, front view, may also be equipped with a drawer pedestal

Desks used in offices are of several types and all of them have noticeable differences. Reception desks, secretarial desks (usually with a typing runoff), executive desks, desks used for office machines and other highly specialized desks as per the particular desk needs in offices. Most of these will have drawers of several kinds, pencil drawers, side or pedestal drawers and sometimes file drawers.

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