Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 06 :Furniture


Plastics are durable, but not all plastics are unbreakable. There is the possibility of eventual dulling, discoloring, pitting, scratching and breakage. Moreover it cannot be repaired or refinished and not a fire-proof material. Moulded chairs represent for modem design (Fig 6.19), a complete break with traditional methods. The main characteristics are being sturdy, durable, light in weight, smooth texture, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive.

The era of plastics has freed furniture forms from the rigid right angles of conventional construction. Now we see plastic furniture in various forms, sculptural shapes in hard, smooth plastic or soft polyurethane foam. With superior quality plastics color is intrinsic and will not wear or chip off. Sometimes colors may go dull, scratches on the plastics collects dirt which looks ugly and not easy to clean


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